About Seenergy Network

What is Seenergy?

Seenergy is a (4 in 1) network of professionals, artists and scientists from different fields, who share an interest in leading conscious, meaningful lives. We are convinced that this is not possible unless we support each other, and that is why our intent is the creation of a global network.

Seenergy is, at the same time, a wide-range educational program. One of our priorities is the spread of knowledge.

We work for the benefit of everyone, regardless of race, belief system, age or gender. We are guided by 4 core values: Impeccability, Integrity, Collaboration and Efficiency. We not only live guided by them, but also encourage and promote them in others.


What do we offer?

  • Pages in our website for individuals or organizations who embody our four premises
  • Participation in our local professional networks
  • Constant promotion of every member’s goods and services by other members
  • Participation in our internal exchange model, through our virtual currency
  • A wide variety of educational content on different fields of knowledge: science, art, humanities
  • Constant support from other members and our staff
  • And much more.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Everything we offer above is totally free, and participation is strictly voluntary. You choose which services you want and how you participate. It will always be that way.

We do accept donations. We also have subscription tiers in exchange for a few extra services. All your contributions allow us to sustain the network –which implies considerable spending–, and also compensate the staff for their hard work.

Can anyone join Seeneergy?

Yes, as long as they already embody our four premises, or decide to start doing so. If you are available in that sense, then you can join us after we get to know you and your work (to make sure we will all benefit from your participation). You can also recommend people to us who, in your opinion, fulfill these requirements.

It is that simple.