Earth Network

Earth is the source of everything we are. Everything that nourishes each cell in our bodies; the air we breathe, the water we drink, it all comes from her. And, since our planet –as all living things do, undergoes constant processes of renewal, it is evident  that our well-being depends on our own capacity to renew ourselves.

The Earth Network is a place where  Seenergy admins and members explore and experiment with alternative forms of exchange. One of such forms is what we call the Exchange Community. We have created a model in which members exchange goods or services with their fellow Earth Network members. Each good and service has a value set in virtual currency units, called Tlaoli, that members use to balance their credit and debit lines. Each associate, then, can acquire the goods or services of another; conversely, he or she offers his/her own goods and/or services, which can be acquired by the same or another member.

In this model, what one gets from the community depends on what one gives back to it. It is a fair and synergistic exchange, that promotes the fluid circulation of energy in the overall structure.