Enrique Domínguez

Enrique Domínguez (aka Luciano Esteves) has dedicated his life to the pursuit of artistic, scientific and perceptual knowledge.

Areas of expertise:

  • Music: Classical Guitarist with a career that spans for nearly four decades and hundreds of concerts both as soloist and member of chamber music groups and orchestras –including radio and TV appearances–.
  • Chess: Expert chess player and teacher (+2000 ELO on chess.com and Lichess). Participant and winner in several national and online tournaments since age 9. Victories against international titled players. Creator of Equidynamic Chess©, a system based on a strategic optimization of resources.
  • Movement and Awareness: Three decades of experience in systems of traditional cognition. Magical Passes practitioner, Chinese Martial Arts adept. Knowledge of nutrition, biology, and general well-being. Creator of Equidynamics©, a philosophical/practical approach to certain expressions of traditional and modern scientific knowledge.
  • Founder of Seenergy Network.
  • Writing: Short stories, poetry, essays, reviews, blog posts. Some publications in local media.
  • Editorial: Proofreading, medical manuals and academic editions on education research, including books and post-graduate papers.
  • Group management: Experience as teacher in several different areas. Coordination and guidance of live and online groups.
  • Web design, multimedia production.
  • English/Spanish translator and interpreter.

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