Moon Network

The Moon Network is the one that lends its shine to Seenergy without asking for anything in return, just like the Moon dispels darkness in the skies above the Earth.

We have created and reserved this network to give something back in exchange for what we receive, to intend paying the debts we have with many people who have helped us during our entire lives and with our communities.

Through the Moon Network, we offer free webpages within Seenergy to humanitarian and non-profit organizations, whose work stands out due to their integrity. We also distribute, free of charge, information about the causes they support –or others that seem pertinent to us.

Seenergy also offers free webpages to some individuals who, for different reasons, enrich the network at large. Some of them have collaborated closely with the admins in the building and development of Seenergy; others generate substantial traffic towards it; and yet others generously share the fruits of their refined awareness, knowledge, or spirit of service.

In all these cases, integrity has been –and will always be– a must for those who are invited to any of our networks. Conversely, and due to the very nature of Seenergy, all of its members benefit from the presence of their companions in the Moon Network.