Pilar Soro

Born in Barcelona in the 60s, I grew up in a picturesque neighborhood, exploring mountains and trails, which marked the beginning of my connection with body and spirit.

Since I was 19, yoga was not only my practice, but also my teaching, evolving into a career dedicated to education and physical and emotional well-being.

As a public school teacher, I have been recognized with several awards for my contributions to the educational world, especially in areas of innovation. My experience extends throughout Spain and Latin America, where I have trained hundreds of teachers.

I am the founder of PasesEnergéticos.com and a certified Being Energy® instructor, where I combine the latest scientific advances in movement physiology with wisdom from ancient traditions.

My mission is to guide people towards an optimal state of health and vitality, through techniques that integrate movement, meditation, and breathing. In addition to my own workshops, at PasesEnergéticos.com I offer a platform where other outstanding instructors share their knowledge in the development of consciousness and perception, all backed by current scientific knowledge and the wisdom of ancient traditions.

Connect with me and explore a variety of courses at PasesEnergéticos.com. Together we can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

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