Pleiades Network


Pleiades Network brings Seenergy members together through space on the Internet, just like the Pleiades Constellation –also called “The Seven Sisters”– joins its stars together in spite of the distance that separates them.

The Pleiades Network is composed by Professionals from all fields and different countries, who offer their goods and services online. Membership is by invitation only, and all prospective members have to be approved by Seenergy’s adminstrators and teams before being admitted in Pleiades to showcase their goods and services on Seenergy.

As specified on our charter and principles, Pleiades members must hold a high standard of impeccability in their professional actvities. Their goods and services also must reflect a work of the highest possible quality. They must be able to always consider the needs of their clients and customers, and be aware of the principles of interdependency, respect and affection in their interactions with others. They must emphasize cooperation instead of purely self-serving interests, and be willing to move beyond shallow ideas of greed into a far more inclusive vision that takes into account the well-being of everyone around them and the loving care for Earth.

All these requisites allow us to ensure that our visitors, clients and customers get the best possible goods and services we can provide. At Seenergy, we consider it a privilege and an honor to offer you the results of our work, and are always grateful for your time and attention.

Feel free to explore the Pleiades Netword through our Directory of Online Goods and Services. You will find there all Pleiades members’ bios, information about their work, their personal résumés, multimedia files about their goods and services, and all sorts of interesting things. Don’t hesitate to contact anyone whose work piques your interest. Rest assured that you will soon get a reply, even if all you want is to say “hi”, or have a question about a service or product.